Ground-Breaking Technology Takes Writing a Business Plan to a New Level


For the first time ever entrepreneurs can now use the ground-breaking 1-Click Submit to Investors® technology when creating their business plan or financial forecasts as part of the business plan software program.

Being an entrepreneur has always been an ideal for many people, transforming their vision into a successful venture. Entrepreneurship, being a vital part of any economy, empowers people, creates job opportunities, stimulates competitive market environments and aids in global economic integration.

Getting your idea off the napkin or post-it and into a business plan which covers every aspect that investors might be interested in, has always been a significant struggle for first-time entrepreneurs to overcome or master.

Globally, the Total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA), measures the Entrepreneurial Activity as a percentage figure of GDP (Gross Domestic Profit) for a specific year, per country. The Gordon’s Institute of Business reports that between 2001 and 2009, South African TEA figures reported an average of 6.4%, which dropped significantly in the 2009/2010 economic retraction, with the result that SA figures reflected a 5% TEA. As a result of this, more emphasis is now being put on assisting entrepreneurs through various programs.

SA Start-up Systems, a home grown and proudly South African company, launched a new product to assist you in overcoming the hurdles to success. With over twenty years of experience in financial and business planning as well as SME support, they are well versed in the requisites placed on a proper business plan.

Business Plan Whiz was created on local soil, by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. This unique software package includes a magnitude of features that will not only take your idea and put it into a business plan, but enhance it by adding value and giving you the complete solution with which to attract investors.

Being in charge of your business plan creation puts you in the favourable position of knowing and understanding the procedure, thus enhancing your business plan even further, combining your knowledge with the expertise of Business Plan Whiz.

Visually stimulating your potential investors with an exceptionally well executed plan is half the battle won and Business Plan Whiz does exactly that. Laying out your business plan in a visually pleasing yet straight forward format, it highlights every aspect needed to portray your idea as a coherent and complete concept.

The unique application will literally create the entire business plan for you based on information you provide.

Featuring live and email support, Business Plan Whiz is there, every step of the way to assist your planning and offer instant access to business planning tools and guides.

For more information on this and how to use the 1-Click Submit to Investors® technology visit Business Plan Whiz and ask for a demonstration.


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