Using Social Media to Fund your Crowdfunding Campaign

Almost everyone on the planet today is connected to some form of social media.  These are sites that let people interact with their friends and family no matter where they are in the world.  They are also the spark that lights the powder keg to make something “go viral across the globe”  What happens when something goes viral is everyone who sees it, tells their friends about it, who tell their friends, and so on until it has crossed the threshold from a local story into national or world news.  Only social media has the ability to make this happen.  If you want to get your crowdfunding campaign out to the most people possible then using social media is a must.  But not all social media is created equally.  Here is a list of some of the best social media sites to use to get your project to go viral and raise your business finance before you know it.

If you walked down the street asking random people “Do you have a Facebook account?” more than half of them would say yes.  It is the largest single social media, networking site on the planet and something you must tap into to be successful with your crowdfunding campaign.  The first thing you need to do is have something, a story or better yet a video, that people are going to want to share with everyone they know.  It has to tell your story and tug at their emotions.  Simple saying “I need money to become an artist” is not going to cut it.  You have to sell yourself.  Tell people the struggle's you've been through, the sacrifices you've made for your craft, what will set you apart from others in your field, what good to society you plan on bringing with your work, etc.  These are things that not only open up people's hearts but their wallets as well.  Post this on your Facebook page and invite everyone you know to watch it, ask them to “like” it and share it with their friends.  Before you know it you will have hundreds of people spreading the word for you.

Reddit is known as “the front page of the internet”.  If you can get your story on Reddit and have people vote it up (basically the same concept as like on Facebook), you will have thousands of people reading your story.  They will then start to spread it among their social networks and before long you will have to buy more bandwidth for your server because so many people will be visiting your site.  But be aware, Reddit readers can be a tough crowd.  If they think for a moment that you are not being sincere or don't “buy” your story, then they will down vote it completely off the site.  The morale of the story is make sure you have your story/video perfected before you start your social media campaign.  You only get one chance to make a first impression with people, don't let yours slip away over a shoddy pitch.

Twitter is the latest incarnation of the original text message.  With Twitter you can send a text message (up to 140 characters) to millions of people at once.  Of course to do that you need to get people to first follow you on Twitter.  This is something that takes time and effort.  You need to search through Twitter's profile list for people that have the same interests as you or are in the same field.  Start following them.  Many times they will follow you back.  Then you need to start conversing with people regularly throughout the day.  Don't just “tweet” about your project.  This turns people off.  Talk about what's happening in your field.  Be an authority on your subject.  This will get more people to follow you.  Then you can start “slipping” in tweets about your project.  It's all a matter of gaining people's trust first.


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